Welcome to the
Next-Generation Information Security Lab

In the 21st century with information and telecommunication more important than ever before, the mobile network field is rapidly developing as the core of the information and telecommunication field.

The importance of information security is being more emphasized, as we live in the information society with system development. Information security is a social and national issue rather than personal. Under these circumstances, we have established Next-Generation Information Security Laboratory(NISL). "Next-Generation Information Security Technology" includes internet of things(IoT) security, vehicle ad hoc network(VANET) security, FinTech security, information security service technology for the mobile Internet, and authentication technology for the various network security system. These are the core of the next-generation network security technology. NISL at Keimyung University will do its best to improve the information security field in Korea, meet international standards, and enhance its competitive edge in the rapidly changing information and telecommunication society