번호 구분 업적제목 게제지명 발표일
1 SCIE급 Provably Secure Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme
Using PUF in Internet of Drones Deployments
Sensors 2023
2 SCIE급 Provably Secure PUF-Based Lightweight Mutual Authentication Scheme
for Wireless Body Area Networks
Electronics 2022
3 SCIE급 Design of Secure Mutual Authentication Scheme
for Metaverse Environments Using Blockchain
IEEE Access 2022
4 SCIE급 A Secure Three-Factor Authentication Protocol
for E-Governance System Based on Multiserver Environments
IEEE Access 2022
5 SCIE급 Design of Blockchain-Based Lightweight V2I Handover Authentication Protocol for VANET IEEE TNSE 2022
6 SCIE급 Design of Secure Handover Authentication Scheme for Urban Air Mobility Environments IEEE Access 2022
7 SCIE급 Secure ECC-Based Three-Factor Mutual Authentication Protocol
for Telecare Medical Information System
IEEE Access 2022
8 SCIE급 Provably Secure Three-Factor-Based Mutual Authentication Scheme with PUF
for Wireless Medical Sensor Networks
Sensors 2021
9 SCIE급 A Secure, Lightweight, and Anonymous User Authentication Protocol
for IoT Environments
Sustainability 2021
10 SCIE급 A Provably Secure and Lightweight Identity-based Two-party Authenticated
Key Agreement Protocol for IIoT Environments
IEEE Systems Journal 2021
11 SCIE급 Design of Secure Decentralized Car-sharing System Using Blockchain IEEE Access 2021
12 SCIE급 PEVRM Probabilistic Evolution Based Version Recommendation Model for Mobile Applications IEEE Access 2021
13 SCIE급 Design of Secure Protocol for Cloud-Assisted Electronic Health Record System Using Blockchain Sensors 2020
14 SCIE급 A Secure and Efficient Three-Factor Authentication Protocol in Global Mobility Networks Applied Science 2020
15 SCIE급 Privacy-Preserving Lightweight Authentication Protocol for Demand Response Management
in Smart Grid Environment
Applied Science 2020
16 SCIE급 A lightweight three-factor authentication protocol for digital rights management system Peer-to-Peer Networking
and Applications
17 SCIE급 A Dynamic Privacy-Preserving Key Management Protocol for V2G in Social Internet of Things IEEE Access 2019
18 SCIE급 Secure Three-Factor Authentication Protocol for Multi-Gateway IoT Environments Sensors 2019
19 SCIE급 Secure user authentication scheme with novel server mutual verification for multiserver environments IJCS 2019
20 SCIE급 2PAKEP Provably Secure and Efficient Two-Party Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol for Mobile Environment IEEE Access 2018
21 SCIE급 Provably Secure and Efficient Authentication Protocol for Roaming Service in Global Mobility Networks IEEE Access 2017
22 SCIE급 Security analysis and enhancements of an improved multi-factor biometric authentication scheme IJDSN 2017
23 SCIE급 A Selective Group Authentication Scheme for IoT-Based Medical Information System Journal of Medical Systems 2017
24 SCIE급 Three-Factor User Authentication and Key Agreement Using Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
in Wireless Sensor Networks
Solid-State Electronics 2016
25 SCIE급 Secure biometric-based authentication scheme with smart card revocationreissue
for wireless sensor networks
IJDSN 2016
26 SCIE급 Temperature-dependent characteristics of AlGaN_GaN FinFETs with sidewall MOS channel Solid-State Electronics 2016
27 SCIE급 Lateral GaN nanowire prepared by using two-step TMAH wet etching and HfO2 sidewall spacer Journal of Crystal Growth 2016
28 SCIE급 Surface Plasmon Polaritons of a Symmetric Metamaterial Slab Waveguide
with a Hollow Core for Fluid Sensing
Journal of Korean
Physics Society
29 SCIE급 Privacy-preserving ID-based key agreement protocols for cluster-based MANETs IJAHUC 2013
30 SCIE급 Anonymous Cluster-Based MANETs with Threshold Signature IJDSN 2013